Greeting from GON Trading

Greetings from the CEO

We will build better tomorrow

It’s pleasure to greet you. We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Since the foundation of GON Trading, it has been our dream to work to promote the happiness of humankind. Creating a new value for human life, and building a bright and promising future by connecting people to people, culture to culture and land to land through our business: this is a long-term vision of GON-Trading.

GON-Trading will share in Cambodia’s long journey toward modernization. Founded in 2014, we have been a ‘Successful Tourism service’s company’ in Siemreap, which has distributed the improvement the life standard of people who live in Chong Khneas village   more than hundred people by provide them the sustainable work place . This is not enough to satisfy our dream. We will to build the   better society where we are placing. So now, we are running the Siemreap River development project. The purposes of this project   are making the river clean through eco-friendly purification system, promoting the benefit of environment to citizen, improving citizen   health through provide the leisure place and fitness equipment along the riverside and creating more tourism infrastructure to attract   more tourists. For our next step business, we are going to invest in Agriculture and Human resource development. For Cambodia Development, we know that these two fields are going to play important role so to distribute the sustainable growth to Cambodia we going to take a part of it journey.  We will solidify our position as a social company through sustainable management based on transparent administration, eco-friendly business management, coexistence with our affiliates and active social contribution.As always, we appreciate that you are supporting and encouraging GON-Trading as we strive for better tomorrow for humanity.Thank you!